Life Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A little boy who decided to take a chance by taking a bike home from nursery didn’t fold under questioning from his grandmother in hilarious video.

After his nursery’s Halloween party on October 31 in Edinburgh, little Louis spotted a bike, that though didn’t belong to him, he liked the look off.

Taking it home with him, the cheeky chap ran into some tough opposition as grandma Tracey Paterson questioned her grandson about the appearance of the random bike.

Not cracking under pressure, and certain that it was his bike, Louis comically stated the bike belonged to him and that his Mother had got it for him from Amazon, though Louis’s defence fell on the deaf ears of his doubting Nanny.

Louis’ mother, Shannon Turnbull, 23, said: “I think Louis took the bike because we’ve been looking on Amazon recently trying to find a bike similar that he would like from Santa.

“Louis is not a criminal just a little chancer. The bike belongs to one of his little friends in his nursery class and we have spoken to the nursery about this and they said it’s happened a lot and the bike will be returned when Louis returns to nursery.

“I found the video hilarious and I knew my friends would, that’s why I shared it on my social media.

“Louis is such a funny character and he’s always coming out with stuff that has the whole family in hysterics.”