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By Jack Mobley


An adventurous pensioner celebrated her 90th birthday with her first ever flight as her late husband had been scared of flying.

Pilot Adam Golder had the honour of flying new nonagenarian Pat Measures in his small four-seater aircraft on a glorious autumnal day on October 20.

Great niece, Vicky Culverwell, and her husband Jason, booked the flight with Adam to take place over Warwick for her 90th birthday in September.

The four of them strapped in for take-off from Wellesbourne airfield as Adam asked why Pat has never flown in her.

She revealed that her late husband was terrified of flying and thus they did not travel by air.

The spectacular views show the lush green fields around Coventry and Rugby before flying over Draycote Water.

Pat’s face was grinning ear-to-ear during the entire flight as she enjoyed the views and the smooth flight.

When they landed, Pat thanks Adam as she cannot wait to get back up in the sky again.

Adam said: “Pat, just turned 90, is experiencing her first ever flight in an aircraft, her family arranged for a short trip in a small aircraft across Warwickshire, as a present for her 90th Birthday.

“She was told the take off and landings she would hate, but her face says otherwise!

“Her husband was scared of flying, so she’s never been in the air, even though she offered to pay for him to go on a course to overcome his fear.”