Amazing Offbeat Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A pyro potty painter has set the art world alight by creating iconic movie portraits using his spectacular fire-breathing technique.

Using sensitive paint which changes from jet black to being completely transparent once heated up, pioneering artist Dino Tomic, has combined his artistic talent and flair for the spectacular in order to reveal amazing movie character portraits.

Breathing fire onto the blank canvases at his home in Notodden, Norway, the black paint rapidly fades away to reveal iconic characters such as Godzilla, John Wick, as well as Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayals of The Joker.

A safer method Dino tried was to allow sunlight to slowly reveal the paintings, but each time they paintings are cooled the black paint returned, allowing the fun process to begin all over again.

Dino said: “The process is trial and error since everything I do has not been done before, so I just try everything I can to make it work.

“I create everything that has a reason, either a story or a meaning, either for me personally or for the general public.

“I feel awesome making all kinds of work because I can think outside of the box and experiment with things normally no one does.

“I like to create art that I can let go. Nothing lasts forever.”