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By Charlotte Orie


Head in hands after a long day with a three-month old, it’s an expression every parent can relate to.

And this orangutan is no different.

With one hand on her head as her newborn baby clings tightly to her chest, she has no time to stop while collecting food for them both as her tiny baby feeds from her while she is climbing.

Photographer Julia Wimmerlin captured this magical series of photographs in Tanjung Puting National Park, Indonesia.

She said: “When I saw this particular mother and baby I just could not believe my luck – this was the most human-like, heart-warming scene I’ve witnessed.

“The baby is only around two to three months old, so just like a human baby, is totally dependent on her mum.

“I was amazed at how human-like the interaction between the pair was.

“This was one of two daily “deliveries” of orangutan food to the feeding station.

“You can never predict what will happen since these feedings are mostly “a helping hand” for ex-residents of rehabilitation centres. Even after being released into the wild they can have some trouble finding food.

“This time the first in “food queue” was the King of this area – a huge alpha male who enjoyed himself eating and definitely was not in a rush.

“The power and dominance of a King is so strong that nobody dares to come and get some food until the King finished his meal.

“This mother seemed very impatient to eat so she clambered down, grabbed all she could and quickly ran up the tree trunk. That’s the reason you see her arms with different food and you can count at least three oranges in her mouth.

“This continued for a while: eating at the top – going down to quickly grab some food and quickly going up again.

“The little baby clung onto mum as she clambered through the trees – she even appeared to be taking a nap at one point.

“I thought it was just marvellous.”