Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


A magnet enthusiast filmed magnetic balls vs monster magnets in an incredibly satisfying slow-mo video.

Self-proclaimed ‘Magnet Expert’ Mirko Pafundi, 44, spends day-in, day-out with magnets in his home in Asti, Italy.

Thinking of unique and creative ways to create structures from magnets, Mirko also likes to watch the uniquely satisfying process of destroying structures built from magnetic balls by using giant monster magnets.

Using up to 2,500 magnetic balls and a giant, black monolith magnet with an attraction force for 200 kg, Mirko captures the rapidly crumbling structures in satisfying slo-mo.

Mirko said: “The incredible power of these large magnets attracts the magnetic balls by destroying the cubic form I created. It is fascinating to watch this process in slow motion.

“Building the cubes of balls is the longest part. It takes about 20 minutes for the largest ones.

“These collisions are violent and sometimes dangerous because the balls are projected around the room violently. I wear protective glasses. The impact is a bit scary.”