Nature Video

By Joe McFarlane


A drone pilot had a fright of his life when a giant bird attacked his drone in mid-air.

When comedian Joshua Jordan, 39, travelled from his home in Columbus, Ohio, to Snowmass Village, Colorado, in order to capture some beautiful footage, the drone pilot had no idea how incredible his footage would end up being.

While concentrating flying the drone over the beautiful Colorado mountain range, Joshua’s was oblivious to the incoming missile heading his way.

Then suddenly, in split second, a giant Bird attack the drone in mid-air, all before Joshua knew what hit him.

Joshua said: “I thought I’d grab some footage of Maroon Bells, a well-known and insanely beautiful mountain range.

“My spotters saw the bird first, but by the time I could locate it, it was too late!”

Luckily for both Joshua and the angry bird, there was no serious damage for either party.

Joshua said: “There was no serious damage to the drone. A few scratches and a few new propellers were needed. The bird is fine!”