Amazing Nature Video

By Joe McFarlane


A travelling couple spent a morning on top of the world enjoying a cup of tea 2000m in the sky.

Adventurous traveller Lara Kamnik, 29, and her partner Uros, 27, decided to start the day on October 11th in the best way possible, with a nice cup of tea.

But this was no ordinary cuppa, because as the pair sipped away, they looked out over the beautiful mountain range in Salzkammergut, Austria.

On top of the world, the pair looked out at clouds and mountaintops, soaking in the beautiful scenery 2000m in the sky.

Lara said: “I knew from the first moment it was one of my favourite sights I had ever witnessed.

“It reminded me of the well-known quote ‘the sky is the limit’, which is something I’ve always believed in.”