Amazing Life Video

By Federico Cornetto


A six-year-old snowboard champion is showing people that she can rock the downhill skateboard just as well.

Vasilisa Ermakova, from Moscow, Russia, holds two national records for snowboarding, and has recently achieved a new Russian record for the fastest downhill skateboard ride, at 30mph (48 km/h).

Mum Natalya says the young girl practises both disciplines relentlessly for an impressive five hours a day.

Vasilisa showcases her skateboarding skills by speeding down a forest road and nailing tight turns on a difficult track.

Natalya said: “My husband and I are snowboarders, when she was three, Vasilisa saw us riding and wanted to try.

“She immediately became enamoured with the sport.

“Then one summer we bought a downhill skateboard and immediately she said she would ride that too.

“Since then, her and her dad Anton have been practising and learning together and she loves it just as much as the snowboard.

“Vasilisa really likes to compete and she dreams of taking part in the X Games one day.”