Animals Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

In a bizarre clip, this large herd of sheep run around and around this car trapping the driver in the process.

The hilarious video was captured by Nischal Devkota whilst on holiday in Dolpa, Nepal, on October 1.

One of the sheep was startled and began to run around the vehicle and joined the back of the herd.

In doing so, the entire group began running and perpetual circle started around the vehicle.

As sheep always follow each other, the circle kept going without stopping all the while a motorist was trapped in his vehicle surrounded by woolly animals.

Nischal said: “We were there for the vacation and shot this hilarious clip of sheep going round and round on the same path trapping a car inside this sheep tornado.

“One sheep started it all when it saw something it could eat in front of the car and it went for it.

“A bus came and eventually dispersed the sheep.”