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By Mollie Mansfield


A kitten who was found abandoned in a petrol garage shocked the rescue he was brought into as his two back paws appeared to look like ‘goat hooves’.

After being found just last week, October 24, the cat, known as, Mr Thomas, was brought into Tri-State Spay and Neuter, Ashland, Kentucky, to be given a veterinary check before being sent to a local foster home.

However whilst taking a closer look at the approximately four-week-old kitten the vets were shocked to find that instead of having two back paws, Mr Thomas appeared to have ‘goats hooves’.

The nine-ounce American Domestic Shorthair was quickly diagnosed with syndactyly – a very rare genetic condition in which two or more digits are fused together.

Now, vets are doing everything they can to bring Mr Thomas’ paws back to full function – by attaching light-weight braces to his legs to encourage him to walk – and are searching for a forever home for the unique kitten.

Chrissy Dillow, 40, Founder of Tri-State Spay and Neuter, said: “We have a focus on those cats and kittens that are sick or injured as well as those considered “special needs”.

“His back feet looked similar to hooves on a goat and since he doesn’t have all the toes on his back foot it curls – which means he walks on the side of his foot which is causing a callus.

“Since his bones are still soft, the vet is hopeful that the braces and physical therapy will help get his foot into correct alignment.

“At the very least, it will get him accustomed to wearing booties that will protect his feet as he grows and becomes an adult cat.

“His condition is very rare and it is even more rare to affect the back feet.

“Mr. Thomas has seen a couple of veterinarians all of whom say they have never seen it before.

“He is currently with a foster in Ashland, but we are asking people to get in touch if they can give him a forever home.”

To donate towards Mr Thomas’ medical funds and the Tri-State Spay and Neuter, visit: