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By Mollie Mansfield


A Halloween enthusiast has gone viral after she decorated the shrub in front of her house as the Cookie Monster for the spooky season.

Lisa Boll, 53, spent an entire day turning the bush in front of her doorway in York, Pennsylvania, into the renowned Sesame Street character, the Cookie Monster.


Having decorated her garden every Halloween, Lisa decided that this year would not be an exception and chose to style it on the Cookie Monster to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Sesame Street.

The landscape piece, which cost Lisa under $100 to create, has become the centre of attention in her neighbourhood – both by children and by fans online.

Lisa, a contractor, said: “I do my entrance for Halloween but instead of scary I went with whimsy.

“The most beloved of the sesame street characters, the cookie monster won for this year and, since it’s the 50th anniversary of the show, it’s fitting.

“It took a day to paint make foam eyes and cookies – and was actually more simple than my other ones.

“It cost me less than $100 – I had a lot of the material and needed a gallon of paint and some foam.

“It’s fading fast as the rain is heavy, so I am likely to only leave this up until Saturday, Nov 2.

“I have gotten calls from all over the country about my work, I guess it’s a fun twist on an otherwise scary day.

“The younger children really like it and it just makes everyone smile and shout out ‘COOKIE!!!!'”