Animals Video

Hilarious footage captures the moment Buster, the grumpy basset hound, howls to express his disapproval during trumpet practice.

The video from the city of Allen, Texas, was captured by Calvin Ku while his 12 year son Jordan was playing.

In a blatant attempt to drown out the sound of Jordan’s trumpet Buster lets out a howl of impressive volume.

“We were shocked and thought it was the funniest thing,” said Calvin.

So committed Buster is to his laziness that he doesn’t even bother getting up to put an end to trumpet practice.

“He is so lazy that he howls while laying down on his side,” Calvin added.

Apparently, howling to express displeasure is not the only talent Buster possesses- he has also mastered the demanding art of napping.

“He loves his naps! His early morning nap, his mid morning nap, then the lunch time nap, his mid afternoon nap, the after dinner nap and his favorite is his before bedtime nap.”

Despite his lack of manners and legendary napping skills the Ku’s absolutely adore Buster.

Calvin shared, “Buster was rescued by Basset Rescue Across Texas. He was found wandering the streets and picked up by the local animal control. Based on his weight of only 39 pounds it was assumed he has been on the streets for a while.

“He is giant love bug that loves to snuggle and nap with anyone who is willing.”

Practice makes perfect Jordan – but you might want to avoid practicing in between Buster’s naps.