Amazing Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A savvy traveller managed to best Jules Verne’s iconic traveller Phileas Fogg by travelling around the world in 80 hours, while also managed to keep the costs down.

Avid frequent flyer Noel Phillips, 38, decided to set himself quite the unique the task.

Starting his trip at the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, London, on May 10 at 9AM, Noel tasked himself with getting back to the exact same spot 80 hours later, after travelling around the entire world.

The content creator flew out of London, with his mammoth journey taking him through Kuwait, the Indian cities of Delhi and Ahmedabad, Singapore and Los Angeles before flying back into Heathrow.

With a few hiccups along the way, including an intense race against the clock on the back of a motorbike from Heathrow to the finishing line, Noel somehow managed to make it back to his destination with just six minutes to spare.

Noel said: “I am a massive travel fan and love to take crazy trips to see just where you can get to in a short period of time.

“I find it incredible that just 100 years ago it would have taken weeks to undertake a journey like this, yet today you can do it in just a single weekend!”

The bigger shock is that the entire first-class trip only cost £3,500 due to knowledgeable Noel benefiting from a combination of sale fares, bought over a period of several months.

Noel said: “The trip was a strange mix of great pleasure and major low points. Flying on some of the world’s best airlines was a highlight. The hard parts included nearly getting robbed in India and being dragged out of a fake taxi by a security guard.

“When I completed the journey, I felt a mixture of elation and exhaustion! It felt incredible to have achieved my mission and got back to Greenwich with just a few minutes to spare. It was fantastic to get into my own bed though!”