Amazing Life Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


A talented artist transformed herself into a gruesome flesh-eating zombie using nothing but makeup.

Using her body as a canvas, Sarah Lamarlere Murphy, 36, spends anywhere up to 14 hours transforming herself into whatever gruesome, fantastical or amazing monster or movie character she wishes.

In order to get into the spooky spirit of Halloween, Sarah used her skills in order to create a terrifying and disgusting zombie look that wouldn’t look out of place stumbling around in The Walking Dead.

Working out of her home in Toulenne, France, Sarah plastered herself with gory and bloody make-up in order to bring the scary look to life.

Sarah said: Sarah said: “Seeing my face or body turn into something I don’t recognise or something that looks totally different, is amazing.

“I love the transformation process, it’s my favourite part of the makeup.

“I usually feel proud and relieved that the job is done but I’m already starting to think about the next piece.

“At the end I feel both exhausted and satisfied, although I’m a perfectionist and always want to do better each time.”