Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

This car enthusiast has discovered a way to incorporate his motor with Halloween season, by attaching a jack-o-lantern to his modified exhaust.

Electrician Drew Clymer, 18, carved a pumpkin for Halloween and used his diesel-powered Volkswagen Jetta to add some life to it.

On October 23, Drew took the pumpkin and attached it to the end of the modified exhaust which is much larger and in a vertical position, rather than underneath the vehicle.

When the engine starts and Drew begins to rev, the exhaust exhumes thick black smoke, giving the pumpkin an ominous and spooky look.

Drew said: “I cut out a pumpkin to put onto the exhaust of my diesel Jetta and when I rev the engine, it causes smoke to come out of the cut out of the carved pumpkin.

“I was thinking of something cool to put onto my Instagram and this felt festive to do.

“I have done a lot of engine modifications to add horsepower and one of the causes is to blow black smoke.

“I am extremely happy with the results.”