Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


A dog was left with no other choice but to ring the household doorbell at 2am after being accidentally locked out.

When Robert Fox was locking up his home in McDonough, Georgia, on October 28, he forgot one important thing, but it wouldn’t be until the earlier hours that he would be reminded of it.

Unbeknownst to Robert or the rest of the family, household pooch Chika, a Labrador-mix, had been locked out of the house.

After hours passed, Chika plucked up the courage to ring the household doorbell at 2.18am, waking up a tired and confused Fox household, Robert went to investigate.

Robert said: “This is the first time Chika has rung the doorbell.

“I was in a deep sleep. My wife woke up and nudged me, telling me someone was at the front door.

“I grabbed my shorts and my gun and headed to the front door, but before I could get there, my wife watched the video and saw it was Chika.

“I went back to bed and put the gun away, then went to the door to let Chika in. We laughed about the incident the rest of the night.

“Chika is doing just fine and is back inside where she belongs.”