Life Offbeat Video

By Hollie Bone


This unearthly footage captures the moment a mum-of-five caught the ghost of her dead dad holding hands with her eldest daughter – after watching over their home.

Tracy Lenehan, 55, was sharing happy memories of her late father, Terrance, 73, with her eldest daughter, Natalie last Wednesday [OCT 23] when the 39-year-old noticed a mysterious shadow in the window of her home in Liverpool.

The stay-at-home mum had just marked what would have been her father’s 83rd birthday after he died from pneumonia following a stroke in 2009, so was startled when she pulled back the curtain after seeing the shadowy figure to find no one was there.

Initially joking it must be the ghost of Terrance, the mum and daughter decided to film the phenomenon and were left overwhelmed when they noticed a hand holding Natalie’s in the window reflection as they watched the clip back.

Tracy said: “We had celebrated my dad’s birthday on the 20th and we were all really upset, we always celebrate his birthday even though he’s not here and it’s a difficult time of year.

“I’d been chatting to Natalie on the phone a few days later and she was still really upset, she was very close with him because she was his eldest grandchild – so I decided to go round to hers and comfort her.

“I walked into the front room and I saw the shadow straight away. I thought someone must be stood right by the window but when I pulled the blinds back I was startled when there was no-one there.

“I called Natalie in to have a look and we were both baffled, we ran out into the street but there was nothing there that could have cast the shadow so I got her to film it on her phone.

“I joked that it must be her granddad, but it was only later when we looked back at the video that we saw there was a hand holding Natalie’s as she pulled back the blind to show there was no shadow.

“We were both completely overwhelmed and so emotional, it’s so heartening for us as a family to know he’s still here watching over us.”

For Tracy, it isn’t the first time the spirit of a family member has visited her from beyond the grave.

The grandmother-of-eight claims that she once saw her baby sister, Karen, two, appear in her lounge after she died of pneumonia 54 years ago.

Now though, the visit from her dad has left the family with a warm reminder that the head of the family is still watching over them.

Tracy added: “He was such a nurturing soul and a typical family man. He was a loving father and grandfather.

“If I ever had a problem I needed solving I would go to my dad, he was the centre of the family and our rock.

“You’d never see him without a shirt and tie and he had a big strong build, so when I saw the shadow up close. I recognised that it had to be him.”