Amazing Video

By Joe McFarlane


A Marvel fan dedicated hours to create amazing carved pumpkins of iconic characters such as Iron Man and Thanos.

Andy Manoloff, 36, gets in the mood for Halloween each year by spending anywhere between eight to twenty hours carving amazing pumpkins in his home of Elkhart, Indiana.

Deciding to replicate iconic scenes from the beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe, Andy has carved everything from an Iron Man and Captain America showdown, to a sneering, villainous Thanos and triumphant Tony Stark.

Andy said: “What inspires me most is the challenge. I really enjoy trying something more difficult and challenging than the previous year. Once they are completed, I usually have even surprised myself.

“I always have a goal in mind with how I want the pumpkins to look, but even so I’m usually surprised with how they turn out.

“People almost react in disbelief and think I am showing fake pictures or photoshop.”