Life Video

By David Aspinall


An amazing nine-year-old showed off his incredible hand speed and agility during intense boxing exercises.

Little Nikita Kasyanov might look slight, but he hides a stinging secret only revealed when he is throwing punches for training.

Whether it’s using his lightning fast reflexes to duck and dodge a swinging bar while jabbing at the air or landing laser-like hooks on a tennis ball attached to his head, Nikita’s punches are inch perfect.

Nikita, from Moscow, Russia, is so driven to reach his dream of being world champion one day, that he trains five days a week.

Dad Aleksey said: Nikita said: “I dream of winning an Olympic Gold and becoming undisputed champion amongst the professionals.

“I want to be the greatest boxer!”

Nikita has been boxing since he was three-years-old and trains for between one and three hours.

He can squat up to 70kg, which is twice his weight, and is supervised by his dad Aleksey with Tuesdays and Thursdays off so he can recover.

Aleksey said: “The studying of new training exercises  make  the training more diverse and more fun.

“We are focusing on his technique as he will naturally grow stronger and we don’t want to cause any injuries.

“When that growth comes, Nikita will already be technically perfect.”

Aleksey doesn’t let the training come between Nikita and his studies, and outside of boxing, he likes visiting museums and theatres.

Aleksey said: “Sport is not the whole life for Nikita.

“Sometimes Nikita doesn’t want to train and we do something else.

“We would just then catch up afterwards.”