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A set of AMAZING Halloween displays shows why the US and Canada will always best us at celebrating the spookiest day of the year.

The different Halloween displays, that have been grabbed from all over the US and Canada go one step further than the rest with featuring some of the ghostliest decoration’s money can buy.

Some of the spooky displays include graveyards, dry ice, climbing skeletons, tombstones, animatronics, Holographic images, sound effects, cobwebs, giant spiders and a vast array terrifying stationary, floating and moving mannequins.

All of the displays are made by Halloween enthusiasts from across the pond, who put on a show for the neighbourhood every year.

One of the enthusiasts, Becky Clark, 46, from Strathroy Ontario, Canada, said: “Halloween is my favourite celebration, the kids on my street love how it looks, and it gives me a chance to be creative.

“I have been adding more and more to this display since 2010 and this year the display took me about 26 hours.”

Another enthusiast, Andy Manla, 40, from New Jersey, US, said: “I saw a video that used dry ice to create a fog effect and have done it on my yard ever since

“This year we made a graveyard in my front garden, I think there’s something really peaceful about graveyards and I wanted to recreate that feeling, the dry ice was perfect for it and my daughter loves it.

“My neighbours all enjoy Halloween so it’s a great way to celebrate the spooky season with them together.”

Jennifer Probola, from Pennsylvania, US, said: “I start decorating on September 12th and I’m usually done on the day of Halloween.

“The animatronics only go up the day of the display, I’m a little old school with it, the kids have to make it to the front door to get the good sweets.

“The parents are usually more interested, they always want to know how I put it all together.”

The fourth display was put up by Shawn Singer, from Florida, US, she said: “Halloween has always been my favourite holiday, when I was young my mother used to go all out and that’s where my passion comes from.

“I really enjoy creating displays for Halloween, this year are house is much bigger, so I mapped it out made most of the attractions myself.

“The funny part is that our daughter is afraid of Halloween displays but loves getting involved in ours, she just won’t go and see anyone else’s.”

Each display has been put up in advance of Halloween to make the most of the scariest day of the year, and Halloween, a tradition that has spread to the UK from across the pond is still clearly championed by where it began.

In Jennifer’s house, visitors can’t even get sweets unless they make it through her scary display, toddlers can have whatever they want but if you’re old enough to trick and treat on your own then it’ll take a lot of guts to get the goods.

Jennifer said: “I like proper greetings, trick or treat and happy Halloween will always get bonus sweets from me, the kids are always really respectful and it’s just great fun to make a big deal out of it all.”

Andy added: “For us it’s something that my family really enjoys, and my neighbours too.

“I got married on Halloween night so this time of year for us is always special because it’s our anniversary and my daughter never gets tired of helping me get everything ready for the night.”

The displays range from between two to seven hundred dollars, and some are stored and put up each year, but each year, a new addition is added to create a fresh part of the magnificently earie displays.”