By Aliki Kraterou

Forget Ringo – this toddler is proving he could give any of the world’s greatest drummers a run for their money – after wowing his parents with his amazing rhythm aged just TWO.

Theo De Souza, who has just turned two, from London, seems to have rhythm in his blood as he has been playing since he was only one, after his parents, Fernando 31 and Camila, 28, bought him a Junior Drum Set last November.

Fernando, who is a music teacher, says that he was probably the reason Theo got interested in music and essentially copies what he sees.

But videos his dad took of Theo bashing away with a rhythm most adults could only dream of mastering have taken the internet by storm.

Fernando said: “I always played with him even before he could walk.

“Music is a big part of our lives, I teach other kids every day, have some rehearsals during the week and Theo is with me, practice on the piano at home and we have the church services, where I’m always playing, so I think he just repeats what he sees.”

“He properly played the drums was after I bought him a Junior Drum Set on Facebook marketplace.

“His first song was ‘We Will Rock You’- I chose it specifically for being the same beat over and over and it’s a really nice song.

“After that, more and more songs came and he developed a good music ear, knowing the breaks and intros of every song he played.

“As a teacher I know that talent without practice and hard work doesn’t mean much.”

Surprisingly the flute was the first instrument that got Theo’s attention, when he was only seven months old.

Fernando had even one of his friends to custom make a drum pedal for Theo, as he is still too little to reach it properly.

He says he doesn’t spent much time teaching him as he is too young and he prefers to do other things together like play, go to the park or to the shops.

He added: “We always wanted him to play something- me and Camila love the cello, but it’s too early for him to learn it, so the drums was the choice as a start.

“I think we realised his talent after he started shaking his head and dancing with songs we put on YouTube, way before he started walking, especially the upbeat and rock songs.

“After he played ‘We Will Rock You’, he was able to keep a steady beat and follow my tempo on piano, crazy for a child of 1 year and 4 months old.

“But the breakthrough was when he played a Brazilian song called Som do Céu (Sound of Heaven)-It has a very difficult break even for experienced musicians, but he nailed it.

“We were speechless, literally- Camila was looking at me and we were shocked and amazed at the same time.

“I really love music and hope he grows up loving it too, but I don’t want him to spend all his childhood on an instrument- I want to teach him to have a balanced life, to worship God but also have fun with friends, to work hard to achieve his goals but also rest, travel and enjoy life, to play with his stuff but also have quality time with family.”