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By Leah Fox


A pooch-obsessed couple who were showered with sausage dog themed gifts lined them up for this adorable spot the difference ‘family’ picture once they got a real furry friend.

Tanya Wright, 28, and husband Andy, 29, from Chorley, Lancs, got black and tan dachshund, Woody as a wedding present to themselves.

As the sausage-dog mad couple had been wanting a dachshund pup for a while, their over the years their friends and family had showered them with themed presents such as teddies, statues and homeware.

And in this hilarious spot the difference photo, Woody poses perfectly next to a lineup of his inanimate pals, in size order.

Professional cake maker Tanya, from Chorley, Lancs, said: “We had accumulated lots of sausage dog memorabilia by the time we got Woody, and I thought it would be hilarious to line them all up for a picture.

“I have to lure him with carrots when I take pictures of him – he’s like a rabbit because he actually turns his nose up at dog treats but gets very excited when the carrot tub comes out.

“Another time, we were on a family holiday and I spotted a grabber machine with sausage dog toys in, and I wanted to win one for Woody, so we posed him up for a picture as if he was saving his friends.

“I did manage to win one and my Instagram followers aptly named Woody’s new pal Buzz!”

Tanya decided to set up a social media account in ode to Woody for friends and family to admire his pictures, but he has since racked up thousands of online fans from all over the world.

The pup star is so popular, he even has three modelling contracts for companies who create bandanas and bows for dogs.

Woody’s name is also a nod to the well-loved film Toy Story – the idea being that he would be owner Andy’s best friend – but Tanya insists that he is more of a mummy’s boy.

She added: “We thought Woody would be my husband Andy’s best friend but, ironically, he’s a mummy’s boy because I work from home so I’m with him a lot more.

“He is very lovable but is an absolute diva and lives up to the stubborn sausage dog persona.

“If he doesn’t want to go on a walk, he will hide behind the sofa – but if he does want to do something, he will pester you until you let him!”

The charming pooch has made such an impact Tanya’s life, she even set up a local dachshund walking group, where fellow owners dress up their pups for special occasion walks on Christmas, Halloween, and the dogs’ birthdays.

According to Tanya, Woody doesn’t pay attention to other breeds of dogs, but when he sees a fellow sausage dog, he wags his tail and squeals happily as if he’s spotted a fellow family member.

She added: “People think dachshunds are just handbag dogs, but they need just as much care and attention as other dogs.

“He has changed our lives and our house wouldn’t be the same without him – he’s like our baby and he’s a small dog with a big personality.”