Animals Life Video

By Chris Jaffray


A wheelchair-bound wobbly dog with a brain condition which makes him fall over has been dubbed the happiest pooch in the world.

Adorable black and white Border Collie and Great Pyrenees cross Moby, two, was returned three times to a rescue home in Alberta, Canada, because of the difficulties involving in handling his rare condition, cerebellar hypoplasia.

But when dog lover Alex van Veldhuizen, 20, saw him on Facebook she couldn’t resist – and went to pick him up the next day.

Now, a year and a half later, the pooch, whose neurological condition means part of his brain is smaller than usual, is living his best life along with dad Jovan Kvill, 24, – and has been even known as ‘the happiest dog ever’.

Alex, from Airdrie, Alberta, said: “Moby has an awesome life. Despite his condition, he loves the dog park and going on walks.

“He may go slower, but he always is so happy and has so much fun! He loves his toys and his cuddles.

“Unlike some other dogs, Moby loves to be picked up and held, or cradled on your lap.

“He has a very calm and loving personality, he loves to sleep, but also thoroughly enjoys play time.

“When people see him for the first time, they are usually laughing.

“We love this because we also think he looks silly and Moby loves being silly.

“Often they want to pet him and love him and ask many questions about his condition.

“We love talking about him, so this is welcomed.

“He is often described as the happiest dog anyone’s ever seen, and we agree.”

Thanks to his wheelchair, which allows his wobbly legs to stand upright, Moby can enjoy walks in the park and interacting with other dogs and has even amassed a following of almost 7,000 fans on social media.

Adorable video footage shows him shows him advancing in the $900 USD (£700) wheelchair while his front legs wobble along.

He cannot walk without either his wheelchair or the help of a harness which allows Alex to hold him up without having to carry him.

Alex added: “Moby is friendly to any dog he meets and will play with any dog that plays with him.

“We do find that a lot of dogs are timid around him initially due to his strange movements and his wheelchair, but after that he is usually the most popular dog in the park, with a whole troop of his friends following him around.”

Alex also thinks Moby’s following has helped people become more aware about disability in animals.

She said: “We don’t think that Moby realises he is different from other dogs as this has been his reality for his entire life.

“He has raised awareness for special needs animals.

“The biggest thing we stress is that his condition doesn’t affect his quality of life.

“We think Moby is an awesome dog to show special needs pups have so much love to give and can be amazing animals.”