Amazing Life Video

By Niamh Shackleton


A pair of twins have been reunited after 66 years apart – and they only lived THREE miles from each other.

Jenny Wilson and Kath Millns, both 76, were separated at birth after their mother put them up for adoption with different families.

But following a plea on social media by Jenny’s daughter Nicole O’Halloran, 35, 2009 she was reunited with Kath the following year.

The emotional reunion changed the twins lives forever, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

The two 76-year-old’s enjoy going for coffees together and clothes shopping, as well as visiting each other’s homes and ringing each other a lot too.

Jenny, from, Thyborough, Rotherham, said: “From the age of 11 I had known that somewhere out there I had a twin.

“I always hoped that one day she would knock on the door and find me, but that of course never happened

“It wasn’t until Nicole started doing some digging on Facebook that we finally got the ball rolling to find Kath.

“Having Kath in my life has been amazing and I couldn’t imagine life without her now.

“It is mad to think that for all those years, she was just a 20 minute drive away from me; we’re registered at the same doctors and everything.”

After almost seven decades of not knowing each other, it was later discovered that Kath only lived three miles away in Whiston – a measly 20 minute drive – from Jenny.

All her life, Kath had no idea she had a twin sister and didn’t know about Jenny until TV show, Long Lost Family, successfully tracked her down in 2010.

Jenny explained how the two of them came to be separated, she said: “When Kath and I were born, our biological mother still lived at home with her parents and already had a son.

“There basically wasn’t even enough room for me and Kath as well – it didn’t seem to be an option for her to go and get her own place either so she decided to give us up for adoption.

“I was adopted by my mum’s neighbours two doors down and Kath went to a different family a few miles away.”

Jenny went on to spend the first decade of her life believe her biological mum was a family friend – but at the age of 11 someone at school told her whom she believed to be her mum wasn’t her actual mother.

But seven decades on, the two are closer than ever and spend several days a week together.

“We love spending time together; every Wednesday we go to Marks and Spencer’s near us, have a coffee then have a look around the clothing isles.

“My life has been changed for the better ever since Jenny and I were finally reunited.”