Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A tenacious tortoise played chase with her dog friend around a living room.

Under close supervision of their owner, Jocelyn Levy, 14-year-old tortoise Tilly was let out for a walk on the evening of October 17.

Usually, Juno the pooch hides herself away in the house, situated in Surrey, but on this occasion Juno stayed and played with Tilly.

Tilly then began to scuttle around as fast as she could, trying to catch Juno in the living room as she bounces off every wall to maintain the distance.

Jocelyn said: “Usually when Tilly comes out for a walk, Juno runs away and hides, but for the first time yesterday she stayed to play!

“It went on for half an hour and as the time went on Tilly became more playful.

“Tilly has a reputation for being very sociable and playful, she loves following people around and sitting in their lap.

“Juno was very nervous when we first adopted her but is always growing in confidence.”