Life Offbeat Video

By Jess Grieveson-Smith


This professional knitter has become a real jet-sweater – knitting a brand new jumper for each iconic destination he visits.

Travelling at least seven times a year to landmark destinations, Samuel Barksy, 45, from Baltimore, USA, spends up to a month designing and knitting his dream destination – before getting a snap in front of it.

So far, he’s managed to knit unbelievable designs – including the Hollywood sign, the Statue of Liberty, Stonehenge and London Tower Bridge, and he’s even snagged a selfie in front of them all.

The passionate artist – who has managed to make a career out of his knitting, teaching and selling merchandise, has been knitting for the past 20 years and shows no sign of slowing down, as he accumulates thousands of fans on social media.

Samuel said: “I first learnt to knit twenty years ago, and straight away I was a natural at it.

“17 months after my first lesson, I decided to knit what I saw – and it was an experiment that went well.

“The most complex design I’ve attempted was Times Square in New York, because I find it much harder to do urban scenes.

“I initially just knitted the jumpers for me and my wife Deborah, 54, a supermarket promoter.

“But whilst she’s not a massive fan of knitwear, I was surprised by the amount of people online that loved my designs.

“I’ll pick a location, somewhere both Deborah and I want to travel to, and I can spend up to seven hours a night for the duration of a month, creating it.”

Samuel’s online presence has catapulted with over 50k followers on Facebook alone and he’s had to diversify from just jumpers.

Travelling all over, Samuel accommodates for the warmer climates by knitting short sleeve jumpers and even dresses for his wife.

Samuel added: “I take inspiration from the world around me – I love travelling with my wife, and I’ll knit and get my creativity from the scenery.

“Anything from objects, animals to locations – they can all be designs.

“I free-knit, which means I don’t follow any patterns or anything like that.

“I do it from what’s around me, and what I’m using as inspiration.

“All I need is the multicoloured yarn that I use and I take it from there.

“I even do videos to show the finished results, and how I create them.

“Now almost all fans have a favourite jumper and my passion has become my occupation, it’s great.

“Popular designs include Chicago’s skyline, New York’s skyline, the Statue of Liberty and the Hoover Dam in the Black Canyon.”






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