By Neo Bye


A crafty husky ate its way around the medication hidden in a tasty treat before spitting it out.

Nicole Cordova has tried everything to get pet Manson to take his monthly flea and tick medication and settled on shoving it in between a yummy chew.

Giving it directly to the three-year-old husky, Manson was way ahead of the game and devoured the treat.

Having carefully avoided all of the medication, he then spat it on the kitchen floor in Dover, Delaware, on October 15.

Nicole said: “I’ve tried everything to get Manson to take his medication.

“I’ve crushed it into his food but he takes one lick and walks away.

“I’ve tried covering it in peanut butter, ice cream and all types of meat but he always spits it out.

“After about five attempts I just have to do it the hard way and put it in the back of his throat and hold his head back and pet his neck until he swallows the medicine.”