By Joe McFarlane


A nature enthusiast records all of his interactions with his tiny eight-legged friends in a series of hilarious and heart-warming videos.

Move over Peter Parker, there is a new Spider-Man in town as Sam Williams, 33, can’t help but stop and say hello when he comes across the arachnids while wandering Nebraska’s wilderness.

With the smaller the spider getting the bigger the reaction, Sam’s hilariously heart-warming narrations accompany a fascinating deep dive look into the microscopic world of insects.

From hiding under flowers to hopping on his hand or camera lens, Sam can’t get enough of his Arachnid buddies, with some of the Phidippus Princeps and Jumping Spider species measuring only two millimetres long.

Sam said: “I look for any small creatures I can find to take photos and videos of every day since I find a great deal of joy in doing so.

“I find spiders cute for many reasons! Their eyes are my favourite, and I love taking photos of them so I can admire their sweet little eyes with the adorable tiny hairs above them.

“They move and look around with curiosity and make cute little movements. I have fun imagining what they are thinking about while they explore and look around.

“I enjoy capturing the sweet side of Spiders and all small creatures to share their beauty. When you get close to bugs it is easy to see and appreciate their beauty.

“Looking at bugs and Arachnids is fun, and makes one realise that we are surrounded by beauty and excitement all day every day.”