Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This chocolate Labrador nickname “Fattie” lives up to his name as he goes crazy at the mere mention of food.

Hungry pooch Bennie cannot control his excitement when dad Zak Kogut asks him if he’s hungry by leaping into the air in the kitchen at home in Farmington, New York, USA.

When Zak asks if food is a trigger word for Bennie, the seven-year-old dog almost bowls his owner over by bounding his quite considerable weight towards him.

After joking that he must be hungry after exercising his ‘fat ass’, Zak jokingly tests the loveable lab’s restraint by teasing him with his food before pouring it into his bowl.

Sarah, Zak’s wife, said: “We should have named Bennie ‘Tigger’ because he jumps up when he’s excited.

“If we say ‘food’ or ‘treats’ he will jump up and down or run around the house with his tail between his legs.

“Bennie actually loves it when Zak teases him with the food.

“He waits by the door for Zak to come home and follows him around when he’s home.”

Sarah has owned Bennie since he was eight weeks old and he has travelled with her from graduate school in Arizona, through Sedona, the Grand Canyon and Los Angeles.

The school psychologist had originally had planned to train him to be a therapy dog, but that idea was quickly nixed.

Sarah said: “One of the tricks I tried to teach him was to turn off lights by teaching him to touch his nose to a target.

“Well, Bennie never quite made it to therapy dog status as he is far too distracted by food.

“Zak jokes he is 210lbs, but his weight is closer to 80 or 85lbs really.

“However, he has recently gotten a little thicker.”