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By Mollie Mansfield


A mother-of-three has spoken out about how she was ‘accused of trying to make son gay’ after allowing him to wear dresses and buying him princess shirts.

Since he was a little boy Jameson, now three, has always gravitated towards his sister’s dresses and princess shoes when it comes to dressing himself.

Seeing how happy her son was, Danielle Carver Folkner, 34, continued to dress him in dresses, pink shoes, princess shirts and female character fancy dress.



However, since taking him out in public dressed like this Danielle has received several slurs from strangers asking if she was ‘trying to make him gay’ and asking ‘what’s wrong with the world’ when she admitted she lets her son wear dresses.

But despite the backlash, the stay-at-home mum has continued to buy her son girls clothes and is even taking him trick-or-treating dressed as Bo Peep from Toy Story.

Danielle, from Kingsport, Tennessee, said: “Jameson has two big sisters that are very girly and he likes to do whatever they do.

“He has worn many a princess dresses and his favorite item of clothing was a girls nightgown that he has just now outgrown.

“He has been out in girls clothes too many times for me to count and I continue to receive rude comments and stares.

“One day Jameson was wearing the purple dress in the photo and I was told that me allowing him to wear a dress is what’s wrong with the world.

“Another person asked me if i was trying to make him gay by letting him wear girls clothes.

“There are many battles I will have with my children in life – my son wearing a princess dress is not my biggest issue.

“I’ve always been a big believer in letting kids have some creative freedom and self expression.”

Despite often opting to wear female clothes, Danielle says that it changes daily.


She said: “I dress him in whatever he prefers – some days it’s a princess shirt and pink shoes, other days it’s monster trucks and cowboy boots.

“He goes fairly seamlessly between ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ clothes.

“Right now, he’s in blue jeans and a t-shirt but earlier today he was wearing a dress.

“He tends to get his dresses as hand-me-downs from his sisters, but we have bought him his own princess pyjamas and t-shirts when he likes them.”

Alongside dressing in his sister’s clothes for pre-school, Jameson will also be celebrating Halloween dressed as Bo Peep from Toy Story 4.

Danielle said: “He has been a huge Toy Story fan since he was real little.

“Everything had to be Buzz Lightyear and Woody, but after seeing Toy Story 4, he just developed this fascination with Bo Peep

“When discussing Halloween costumes this year, I mentioned doing Toy Story again as we did it last year and he alternated between Buzz and Woody.

“I asked Jameson who he wanted to be and he instantly said “I Bo Peep!”

“It caught me off guard and I asked him if he was sure he didn’t want to be Buzz, Woody, or even Duke Caboom.

“He just kept saying “No, mommy. I be Bo Peep,” and he wasn’t giving it up, so I got behind it.

“We found his costume at a Party City and his face lit up when we got it.

“His dad was less than thrilled but now he sees how happy Jameson is as Bo Peep so he’s happy for him.”