Life Offbeat Video Viral

By Hannah Phillips


This eerie CCTV footage of chairs hurtling across a bar while the venue was closed has left nightclub staff spooked.

Workers at Bar and Beyond in Sheffield city centre were left terrified after spotting the paranormal activity on CCTV footage when a security alarm went off at the club.

General manager Dan Carey, 37, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, was called to the bar to investigate the alarm activation at 7am on Sunday 13th October.

When we arrived, he discovered four chairs had been flung onto their side with no explanation – and after checking the CCTV, he was shocked at what he saw.

Dan  said: “There’s been the odd rumour of weird things happening in the dark hours here, but we’ve never really taken them seriously.

“I always thought the ‘going beyond’ part of our name was the club experience after a few drinks in our bar area, but perhaps it means going over to the afterlife.

“I found the chairs plus a drinks menu on the floor. I thought it was odd and checked the CCTV to see if it had indeed been an intruder.

“I wasn’t quite prepared for what I saw on the video.”

The video shows chairs and a food menu mysteriously flying across the floor and falling onto their side.

It has since racked up 109,000 views on social media.

And Dan said while he his suspicions that there was something dark going on in the club after hours, he had never seen anything for himself, until now.

He added: “We’re well known for having a wide range of spirits on offer here, I just didn’t realise it included the spooky kind as well.

“I love this kind of thing, I’ll buy him or her a drink if it decides to return. I’m not afraid of no ghost.”