Animals Life Video

By Neo Bye

This husky owner decided to treat her precious pup and make some hard working cafe employees happy by taking her pooch through the drive thru.

Nicole Cordova and her beloved husky, Manson, took a trip to their local Starbucks drive thru in Dover, Delaware, for a creamy snake and to inject some cuteness in the coffee shop’s employees.

The clip begins with Manson’s head out of the vehicle, ready for his Starbucks followed by the employees gushing at cute canine.

Manson wants a treat and gives out a mighty ‘awoo’ to the employees who eventually give him a pup cup of whipped cream which he enjoys thoroughly.

Nicole said: “When I saw all of the employees reactions, it filled my heart with pure joy!

“It was so cute and made me so happy that in that moment it was like nothing else existed, just Manson, and the pure happiness of everyone seeing him.

“I actually used to take Manson to Starbucks every single morning and would get him a pup cup.

“It got to the point that he knew around what time we would start getting ready to go to Starbucks, and he would pace around the house ‘yelling’ at me until we finally left.

“As we would get closer and closer to Starbucks while driving, he would get so excited he would jump around and yell out of excitement.”