Amazing Life Video

By Randal Coombs

This keen skier and fisherman decided to combine the two activities in hilarious clip.

Arlyn McCulloch saw the perfect opportunity to get the skis and the fishing line out when at Bloomington Lake, Idaho, on July 5 where a snowy hill met the water’s edge.

Despite it being the height of summer, snow still remained alongside the water as it is at an elevation of 1819m (5967ft).

Arlyn took the fishing rod and set himself up the hill, ready to take to the slope.

When he started to gain speed, Arlyn whipped the stick and casted the line as he glided down the hell until he reached the grass.

Arlyn said: “The idea was inspired by my love of both skiing and fishing and a funny thought I had years ago about combining the two.

“It’s a tradition of mine around July 4 for years to hike with my skis to a skinny steep couloir above Bloomington Lake and ski down to the icy waters.

“I didn’t catch anything this year, although I was confident I would.”