By Mollie Mansfield


A photographer has captured the stunning moment the Hunter’s Moon rose over New York City.

Mike Carroll, 40, headed out on Saturday night, Oct 19, to capture the moment the autumnal moon rose over the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges.

The stunning orange moon can be seen lighting up the sky at the start of the moonrise, despite it only appearing to be half-formed.

Mike, from Bergen County, New Jersey, said: “These photos show the Hunter’s Moon rising – which was at the Waning Gibbous phase of 68 per cent.

“As you can see in these images, the moon is rising right over the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and The Williamsburg Bridge.

“The clouds were present but the moon was bright enough to cut through.

“You can even see the craters on the moon!

“I arrived at my location early to set up and to secure my spot.

“I was the only photographer there that night and it took around 10 minutes to capture these images.”