By Dan Coles and William Lailey


A dog that was left with his legs ripped off after being hit by a car has made a miracle recovery after rescuers stepped in.

Ginny, a two-year old mongrel, was hit by a car in Tijuana, Mexico, and her owners were unable to care for her due to both of her back legs needing to be amputated.

The crash left Ginny with the bones in her back legs completely exposed open to infection, as well as being shattered and unable to be walked on. Due to to her legs being so badly damaged, she was expected to lose both of her back legs after being flattened in the car crash.

Dog charity The Saving Huey Foundation were made aware of Ginny’s condition and immediately got in touch to pay for her surgery at a vets in Mexico, as she needed both of her feet to be amputated.

Luckily Ginny’s operation was successful, and she has since been flown to the US to live out her days in the ‘Second Chance Ranch’, Where Tracey Lystra, 44, houses the dogs that she spends her life saving.


“Ginny’s injures were quite extensive. It was evident to me that she would lose her legs as the bones in both legs were not only exposed, but also shattered.

“My biggest concern was the potential damage done to her hips.

“Ginny is doing fantastic. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain, she actually walks around quite well, using what’s left of her back legs as balancing points when needed.

“Ginny still requires weekly bandage changes and is in special orthotic shoes to help create a strong pad on the base of her stump which will be used for her prosthetics.

“Ginny is absolutely loving her time at the Ranch. She gets along great with all the other dogs but has a special bond with a dog called Lady.”

Ginny was first found in Mexico by her owner after being hit by a car but as her injuries were so extensive, her owners were unable to continue caring for her.

Both of her legs had been shattered in the accident which stopped her from being able to walk and needed emergency treatment.

Tracey Lystra, who runs a dog charity in California, was made aware of Ginny’s condition and decided to get in touch to save the poor dog and bring her to a sanctuary.

Tracey said: “Ginny was extremely underweight when she was rescued. She nearly bled out during her first surgery and had to wait almost a month before having the second surgery.

“I was really worried about her hips because her legs were so badly damaged so the pressure on her hips must have been huge.”

The amazingly brave dog has made an incredible recovery, her back feet have been amputated but she is able to walk around and play with her bunk-mates in her new home.

Tracey said: “After we found out that her hips were ok it greatly increased Ginny’s chances of having a decent quality of life.

“We had just one foot amputated to begin with to see how Ginny would heal both emotionally and physically.

“She immediately showed us that she was a fighter, carrying herself around just a few days after surgery.

“Ginny is sweet and very submissive, so far she loves everyone she meets.”