Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A man gave his partner a proposal to remember by painting ‘Will U Marry Me?’ on the wall of a splash room.

Smash Splash in Melbourne is Australia’s first Splash Room – an environment where people can have fun by throwing paint around the place and going against everything you were told as a kid, by painting on the walls.

One guy decided to use the unique premise by plucking up the courage to paint on the wall, ‘Will U Marry Me?’ with a ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ option underneath, as his partner looked on in surprised shock.

Pouring red paint onto her hands, the woman happily splattered the ‘Yes’ option.

Smash Splash social media manager Belinda Balbissi said: “We had no idea the proposal was taking place, it was only when sitting at the desk waiting for them to finish we saw the footage.

“The couple were very introverted and we believe they used this special way to break the news to their family.

“The staff where extremely excited and waited eagerly for them to finish their session to congratulate them!

“The couple was super happy and wanted to make it a special moment! And do it in a Splash Room was super unique!”