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bridesmaid proposal

By David Aspinall

This is the touching moment a bride-to-be asks her future sister-in-law with a brain injury to be her bridesmaid.

Blushing Nichole Sullivan hands her fiancé’s mum Lenore Torres a bag and when she opens the card inside she instantly bursts out crying at home in Drummonds, Tennessee, USA on April 11.

After hugging her future daughter-in-law, Lenore fights through tears as she reads the message inside to daughter Jessica, 28, which says, ‘soon you will be my sister, but until then will you be my bridesmaid’.


Jessica was injured in a car crash on September 10, 2011, when she was thrown through the window on the way back from a date.

Derrick said: “I’ve seen my mother shed so many sad tears due to Jessie’s accident, and it was great to see some happy tears.

“Her being overwhelmed with emotions was priceless and a beautiful thing.

The car that Jessica was travelling in on that fateful night burst a tyre causing it to roll three times and she was unfortunately not wearing a seatbelt.

Despite suffering instant brain damage Jessica’s communication and expression has improved greatly so much so that she can be a part of Nichole and Derrick’s wedding after two years together.


Since they were young, Derrick and Jessica had always been close and Nichole was determined to have her involved in the couple’s wedding.

Derrick said: “This was a dream come true for my mother and it meant the world to her.”

Her family run a Facebook page for their daughter here.