Animals Nature Video

By Joe McFarlane


A brave alligator trapper jumped into a family’s swimming pool to play with a rogue gator before removing it.

Paul Bedard has worked with Alligators for the past 30 years, so, the prospect of taking a dip in a pool with a full-sized American alligator was nothing too scary for the professional trapper.

Turning up at a house in Parkland, Florida, on October 15, as the homeowner safely kept her distance from the prehistoric pest, without any hesitation, Paul dived into the pool without any protective gear to defend himself against the eight-footer.

Taking his time to corner and wear out the thrashing gator, Paul managed to eventually securely close the ginormous toothy jaws of the reptile before daring to give it a kiss and then pick the 185lb beast up and out of the pool and into the back of his truck.

Paul said: “I dislike trapping with a passion, I just hate dead alligators more. I’d rather remove the people most of the time.

“It’s kind of fun to get in and just play around with them.

“The gator was super mellow and didn’t really make any aggressive moves at me and didn’t really give me a hard time at all.

“I just think gators are very misunderstood and that nobody else really cares about them. I like to show the more mellow side of them.”