By Will Lailey and Niamh Shackleton


A doting dog owner has decided to pimp her disabled dogs’ wheelchairs for Halloween.

Sherrie Levick, 47, from Colorado, USA,  has transformed her two dogs, Mac and Juno, into spiders by adding hilarious costumes to the back of their wheelchairs.

Both Mac and Juno suffer from spinal injuries causing them to need wheelchairs which doting owner, Sherrie, often decorates.

Sherrie, a hairdresser, said: “Mac and Juno have had some amazing reactions to their spider costumes with some people even sprinting out of their houses to come see them!

“I’m not really sure where the inspiration came from to be honest – I just kept seeing things in the store which I thought would make a good costume!

“I initially just set up Mac’s Facebook page and me dressing him up had a great response, so I decided to keep doing it and involve Juno too.

“They’re both such happy dogs and they make other people happy too, they’re always putting smiles on people’s faces.”

Sherrie adopted Mac from a local shelter a year ago, and she’s currently fostering Juno.

Both Mac and Juno have spinal injuries but the shelter is unsure of the cause of their injuries which caused the two pups to need wheelchairs.

Sherrie added: “Because I work from home, I’m easily able to look after dogs like Mac and Juno.

“They’re both incontinent so have to wear dog nappies during the day – so they can’t be left on their own.

“When they’re around the house they don’t use their wheelchairs, they just scoot around as they please.

“Neither of them are in any pain – both Juno and Mac are some of the happiest dogs you’ll ever meet.”

Sherrie is hoping by sharing Mac’s story that people will become more open to adopting dogs with special needs.

She said: “Mac’s Mission is to spread awareness about special needs dogs in shelters and rescues.

“The more people who see these dogs living a great life, the more consideration they might give to adopting a special needs dog themselves.

“It would be great to help other dogs like Mac and Juno find a loving home.”

To keep up with Mac’s adventures, follow his Facebook page: ‘Mac on Wheels Colorado’.