Amazing Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A couple celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary in style as the glamorous wife made a grand entrance in giant inflatable bubble to steal the show.

An event planner pulled out all of the stops for her own extravagant 10 year wedding anniversary.

As Reverence, 35 and husband Joseph Efoma-Oruerio, 51, invited friends and family to celebrate the special day with them in Warri, Nigeria, no one expected the grand entrance Reverence would make.

Bursting into the room in a giant inflatable bubble, Reverence looked like she was floating on air as she made her way happily dancing down the aisle in a sight to behold.

Reverence said: “The idea came from watching my kids playing in the pool with a balloon. I started thinking of how a bride could make an entrance into her wedding in a balloon.

“I searched online for life-size balloons and eventually bought one from Dubai for $500.

“It was the first time the guests saw a bride in a balloon, they screamed so much with excitement. It was the highlight of the event”