Offbeat Video

By James Somper


A bus enthusiast has transformed a four seater hatchback – into Britain’s smallest bus.

Jason Fern, 19, bought the Fiat Seicento SX in 2018 and has driven it hundreds of miles across the UK.

The tiny car is painted in the green and blue of the Arriva bus company and even comes complete with chequered seats, ticket machine and its very own Sorry Not In Service sign.

The trainee bus driver from Chesterfield, Derbyshire says the car draws astonishing looks whenever he’s driving it and that he frequently gets flagged down whenever he passes a bus lane.

He said: “I get loads of people waving whenever I drive past in the car.

“Sometimes if I go past a bus lane people will signal for me to pull over.

“I’m proud of the car, it’s a great bit of kit and not something you usually see out on the roads.”

Jason, who says he’s been in love with buses since he was a small child bought the customised Fiat  in 2018 after he saw it advertised on Facebook.

Only two of the special Arriva bus cars were ever made and Jason believes that his in the only one left in existence.

The four seater car comes complete with the blue checked padding of an Arriva bus on the interior of the car as well as original bus seats.

The drivers seat even has its own onboard ticket machine to scan bus passes and take money for fares and even a tray for newspapers.

The exterior of the car has the same stickers that can be found on any commercial bus and even has its own electric route sign and security camera.

Eager to buy his piece of history, Jason snapped the car up and has owned it ever since.

He said: “I was on the train from Brighton to London after stopping at a friend’s house for a few days. I was back at work later that night. Whilst on the train, I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw an advert with the car for sale.

“A couple of phone calls later and I had agreed to purchase it with the help from a friend.

“A month or so later, we arranged a recovery vehicle to collect the car and I went with the vehicle. A week or so later, and the car was ready to hit the road.

“Since then, I have taken it to many bus rallies up and down the country, from as far north as Morecambe, to as far south as Luton.

“Whenever people see it they say it’s amazing and how impressed they are.

“I bought it because it is quirky, unique and it is something to take to bus shows.

“Many people ask what it is, why does it look like that, and the history behind it.

“I’m just so proud to own such a unique vehicle.”