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By Chris Jaffray


The UK’s first MENTAL HEALTH gym has opened its doors – offering stressed out millennials counselling alongside their workout classes.

The Hero Training Club in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter aims to take clients beyond a battle for their own fitness – with psychiatrist appointments available on-site, emotional health classes, mindfulness sessions, hypnotherapy and even sleep workshops.

All staff at the facility are trained in spotting mental illnesses and gym bunnies will also be able to take part in mental resilience sessions and track their mental health via an app.

The centre, the first of its kind in the UK, also features traditional weights workout areas and gym equipment.



CEO Joe Gaunt said: “The word ‘health’ is more than what we see on the scales or how far we can run.

“We all have high stress moments in life regardless of whether you are running a multi-million pound business, studying for a degree or working in a coffee shop.

“We face so many external pressures, which can have a negative impact on our mental wellbeing and in turn our overall health.

“We fully understand the very fine lines between emotional and physical health and happiness and our club will deliver an all-encompassing solution to support individuals to take back control and help them by building resilience and self- confidence so they feel ready to take on whatever life throws their way.”

The facility has four training areas covering Strength, Rejuvenate, Cardio and Athletic.

In the rejuvenate studio there are plants hanging from the ceiling and windows to let the sunlight in.

There is also a cryotherapy facility, which is used by top athletes, which drops the body temperature in order to ease inflammation.

But the state-of-the-art facilities don’t come cheap, as after the founder memberships for £99 a month and after that people can buy unlimited memberships for £120 a month.

Community development manager Millie Killeen said: “There are so many gyms where you achieve your training and health and fitness goals, but wellbeing can be ignored.

“But we want to focus on both health and wellbeing and support every member in their goals.”