By Mikey Jones


Dog gone! A dog owner has left the internet in hysterics – after taking a picture showing the perfect outline of his pooch after a rainstorm.

Paul Williams, from Newtown, Wales, had called Labrador Retriever Buddy inside when a sudden shower began last week.

But the laid-back pooch was happy to get soggy in the rain.

However, when the rain stopped and Buddy took a stroll, Paul was tickled by the perfect dry patch that remained on the pavement.

He posted a pic online and was stunned when thousands of people started to comment.

Paul said: “It’s just a very funny photo and never expected such a great outline of him.

“But I’m so glad I took the photo now as it makes me smile every time I now look at it.

“It makes me happy that so many others have been able to take a little joy from it too.”