By Lucy Harvey


For most of us, getting a drink of water is as easy as turning on a tap…but for a giraffe in the African wilds it’s a little more complicated.

These photos, captured by 30-year-old business student Rohin Bakshi, show the efforts the animals have to go through to get a drink due to their immense size and long necks.

Mr Bakshi said: “Giraffes quenching their thirst is often not a speedy affair.

“Those long necks, so well adapted for getting to the tastiest leaves on the highest branches, are unfortunately not long enough to reach ground.

“They have to spread their legs in an awkward manner to get down to the waterhole, then toss the water up into the air, rolling their tongues while doing so.”

He says pictures have got a good reaction from people on social media, both appreciating the pictures and also seeing the funny side of the animal trying to quench its thirst.

Mr Bakshi said: “While some of the people enjoyed the symmetry in the image and the animal behaviour so aptly captured, others have compared it to images of their friends throwing up after a tequila shot!”

Mr Bakshi captured these photos in South Luangwa National Park, in Zambia while he was on a trip which also saw him go to Malawi.

A keen photographer from a young age, travelling to Zambia and Malawi was a perfect opportunity to take some once-in-a-lifetime photos.

He also reflected on his trip to Africa and would recommend it to anybody, adding: “While I got some amazing action images, I got to see a great and diverse eco-system across Zambia and Malawi.

“People who often frequent Africa, I would highly recommend them to visit these two countries and enjoy the biodiversity they offer.”