Life Video

By Jack Mobley


A truck driver travelling from Switzerland to England was stunned to find two stowaway migrants in the back of his lorry before they ran off after being found.

While transporting clothes on October 17, goods driver Manuel Rohrbach heard a commotion in his trailer and pulled over near Brussels, Belgium, to check out the noise.

Plumber Vittorio Ciaramella captured the moment his friend Manuel opened the rear doors to find the two illegal travellers hitching a free ride.

After the door is unlocked and swung wide open, one traveller reveals himself before surrendering followed by his companion.

The two ran off into a nearby forest and Manuel checks to see if there are more hiding in the bundles of clothes he is transporting, but there aren’t.

Vittorio said: “We were very surprised to see them.

“He thinks the migrants climbed inside the truck while he was having a lunch break.”