Offbeat Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A skilled baker created a realistic and deliciously edible replica of horror icon Freddy Krueger that will haunt your dreams.

Horror movie enthusiasts and talented bakers Natalie, 34, and Davie Sideserf, 36, baked a ginormous and terrifying cake to celebrate ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 2’s lead-actor Mark Patton’s birthday, which was presented to the horror star at a screening of the movie at film festival, Fantastic Fest, in Austin, Texas, in September.

Working out of their Sideserf Cake Studio for the past eight years, the cake-crazy couple have created quite the reputation for gory, horrific cakes that look like they’ll eat you before you eat them.




Using traditional sculpting and painting techniques as well as edible materials, Natalie managed to sculpt a life-like and eerily realistic replica of horror icon Freddy Krueger.

Natalie said: “Halloween is busiest time of year for us, which is probably why we have such a vast catalogue of spooky cakes. But honestly, the gory stuff is just the most fun to make!

“It’s a lot of work, but there’s a lot of passion that goes into it. A lot of people ask how we feel after the cake is cut, but it is our favourite part. We love the finality that comes with cutting, serving, and eating the cake.

“The whole experience is very personal because we collaborate with our customers on every design, so, when they finally receive the cake, they are really seeing their ideas come to life for the first time.

“We have had many of them cry, which is just an amazing feeling to be able to bring someone that much joy.”