By Jack Mobley


A diver was drawn into a tug-of-war with an octopus when the sea creature tried to steal his GoPro.

Marine biology student, Lawrence Scheele was diving off the coast in his hometown of Sydney, Australia, in July trying to capture some of the spectacular sea-life.

Snorkelling in the shallow waters, Lawrence stumbled across an octopus and then decided to setup a time-lapse with his small camera.

The octopus was curious to investigate and snatched the GoPro, Lawrence acted quick to get a hold of it before the sneaky creature retreated.

After a fierce battle over the camera, the octopus yielded and allowed Lawrence to retrieve the GoPro.

Lawrence said: “I decided to set up a time lapse of this inquisitive octopus I spotted.

“He came out of his den and tried to take the camera from me so, I quickly reached out to get it back as I know how incredibly strong their suckers are.

“I was laughing as well as panicking a little as I may have lost my camera.

“They are incredibly strong, they are predominantly all protein and muscle equip with two rows of power suckers per arm, I was out matched.

“At one stage I was losing my grip and I thought ‘he is going to win’.

“It’s interesting to point out that he is using half his arms to anchor himself to the sea bed and the other arms to pull the camera towards him.”