Amazing Nature

By Jasmine Kazlauskas


This is the heart-stopping moment a giant humpback whale looks like it is about to TORPEDO through the air and straight into a boat full of shocked tourists.

The unbelievable sight was captured by photographer John Goodridge, 54, while on a whale watching cruise operating outside of Sydney Heads, New South Wales, Australia, last week [7 OCTOBER].

UK expat John, who moved from Yorkshire to Australia 24 years ago, said it looked like the tourists had a ‘lucky escape’ as the 20,000-ton juvenile whale torpedoed out of the water in the direction of the ‘Go Whale Watching’ boat.

He said: “It was incredible to see, and the people on the boat certainly did not see that coming.

“it was quite an amazing sight to witness when the whale jumps right out of the crest of the wave towards the boat.

“The whale looked like it was going to torpedo right into the boat. It was a great capture.

“This was captured during a hectic half hour of whale breaching. We were very lucky.

“There is a southern humpback migration taking place right now off the coast of Sydney, and over 35,000 animals will make their epic migration back to Antarctica.”

The cruise was operated by skipper Simon Millar on his small family business ‘Go Whale Watching’ that has operated out of Sydney’s Darling Harbour for over ten years.

Australia’s eastern coastline comes alive each year between April and November, as pods of humpback whales make the 10,000km (6214 miles) journey from Antarctica to Australia in order to mate and give birth.

The whales then travel back past Sydney with their calves in October and November, with the annual spectacle over by early December.