By Jack Mobley


An innovative photographer attached a camera to a remote-controlled car which produced unique angles of wild lions, rhinos and more animals.

Over the last eleven years, Chris Bray has been capturing animals through his toy car contraption while he takes guests on his photography tours in Kenya.

Chris purchased an ordinary remote controlled vehicle and stripped it of anything that could chewed or ripped off, leaving the chassis, then strapping either a GoPro to the top of it.

Then once a herd of animals has been sighted, Chris lays out the car and approaches the subject’s general area without intruding.

The animals are usually inquisitive, tentatively sniffing or touching the vehicle but on a couple of occasions a lioness has completely engulfed the GoPro in its mouth and an elephant has tried to stomp on it.


Chris said: “As a wildlife photographer, I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to get unique shots of different animals.

“I wasn’t sure how well it would work, I was never going to drive it up to animals and harass them or chase them, the whole concept required that the animals would naturally be curious of this moving camera and come up to it from their own curiosity.

“I just put it out on the ground where the animal can see it, or drive it a short distance to where it can be seen, and then basically just wriggle it around and get their attention and then just sit there and leave the camera steady and get some nice steady vision of the animal coming up to check it out.

“If an animal ever shows any sign of being uncomfortable with the presence of the camera, I bring it back right away.

“The big cats like lions and leopards etc are always pretty exciting and curious, but getting super close up vision of elephants and rhinos etc is pretty incredible too!

“It never tastes like food, no animal has ever tried to swallow any part of it, some animals pick it up and have even bitten it, but they are just exploring what it is, they don’t swallow it any more than they would normally swallow any other solid tasteless object like a rock.

“We have started wiping a bit of tabasco pepper sauce on it, to discourage animals from actually touching it or picking it up – that works a treat.”