Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


An udderly helpless cow had to have her head sawed out of a tree after getting herself stuck.

As Julius Engedal, along with his sister and mother, wandered through a field in Bording, Denmark, the trio came across a poor Cow who had gotten her head stuck in a tree.

Abandoned by the rest of her herd, it was left to the family to rescue the Jersey Cow on August 20.

After 10 minutes working away at the tree with a saw, while the Jersey Cow was distracted by a playful dog, the determined trio managed to free the bovine who happily trotted away, before seemingly shouting at her herd for leaving her high and dry.

Julius said: “The cow had probably gotten stuck by trying to scratch her head using the tree.

“My sister felt sorry for the cow and couldn’t just leave her stuck, especially as the other cows had moved to the other end of the field.

“We felt happy when we freed it and I felt that my sister did a good job.”